About Us

Welcome to Feoki Educational Resources Ltd training brochure to supply individual and organizations with educational ideals, plans, strategy, trainings, information, instruction, personnel and all assistance in all educational, sectors, otherwise suited to establishing proper or improving administration and management and to assist institutions in achieving optimum utilization of educational, resources for greater efficiency. To carry on business as educational consultants including securing admission into foreign tertiary institutions for interested  student, and training in I.T. To carry on the business of event managements such as arrangement of seminars, debates, conference, social events, outing, parties, and to carry on business of public relations manager or publicity agents, arrange and organize interviews, lecture tours and exhibitions; and to conduct and carry out protocol functions of all kinds. To engage in any or all the businesses of parks, garden, operators and managers of parks and recreational centre; and promoters of recreational activities. To carry on business as organizers, and suppliers of entertainments and amusements of all kinds. To engage in the construction of buildings, complexes, roads, highway, bridges, waterways, wharves, marine works, railways, manufacturing facilities, power plants, communications projects, sewage works and drainages systems.